Live Room

The Chapel live room is one of the finest recording spaces in England. Fun to be in and dedicated to capturing the dynamics and vibrancy of your playing.

Controlled yet variable acoustics, flexibility for unique music and the reassurance of being designed by a top UK studio designer.

A combination renowned for delivering artistes potential from where many world renowned songs have been recorded. Capturing the "Live" energy and nuance of a performance is a skill not easy to perfect and an essential ingredient is a high quality and proven live room!   



the live room for client use is a great sounding Yamaha C2 Grand piano and Hammond BC vintage organ.

Producers and engineers can explore and enjoy an exceptional collection of vintage and current issue quality microphones, including a matched vintage combination of 2 x AKG C12's and C24.

There are two further isolation areas with all necessary tie lines which make for easy location of guitar, bass, and keyboard amplification as desired.

Clients have full use of our back line and percussion collections.

Musicians have extensive control over their own headphone mixes via the Q8 system (individual 8 x way mixer units with up to 14 stations simultaneously used on a session). Two pairs of Alan Smart guitar system interfaces and 3 x Gas Cooker valve Di units compliment numerious orthodox connection interfaces. 7 x full height and 3 x half height acoustic screens, add to options.

Modified Vox AC 30 guitar amp, part of the in-house backline collection..

Piano 2.jpg

Yamaha C2 grand piano.


Vintage AKG C12 valve mic (x2) as drum overheads.

Chapel crop2.JPG